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How to make a case for new IT projects

It can be frustrating to realise that a new IT project can solve a serious problem and increase your company’s efficiency and profitability, then have funding refused. Surely they can see that, yes we’re spending money now, but we will be getting an excellent return? What’s obvious to the IT manager is not always obvious [...]


How to encourage safety without discouraging reporting

Serious businesses will want to improve workplace health and safety. I mean actually improve H&S, and not just have figures that indicate good H&S. In this short article I explore: Why over-relying on incentives can be a bad thing. How one software feature can address this problem. WHY OVER-RELYING ON INCENTIVES CAN BE A BAD [...]


A Smooth Manufacturing Process with a Sharp Edge

In a fast paced society where things are constantly changing and moving on, one of the main challenges in the manufacturing process is the ability to efficiently launch a new or custom-built product. Normally such tasks require the involvement of teams from various business functions, such as the design engineers, manufacturing, procurement, costing, finance, [...]


How Well are You Managing Supplier Non-Conformances?

One of the main areas in ensuring quality control is making sure that the products, raw materials, and packaging provided by your suppliers are up to standard. Managing this could be quite time-consuming and frustrating. There is a lengthy process involved, including checking the products, containing the affected product, managing refunds, and making sure [...]

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How to Choose the Right Health and Safety Software

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