We are your partner in workflow optimization.

As a leader of a
business, you want
increased efficiency and
higher productivity.


Workflow is the building block of your business. Automating your workflows with the right software means:

  • Efficiency and reliability go up.
  • Risk of human error goes down.
  • You can spot bottle-necks.
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Process Mapping

We work with you to map out your processes, to determine current limitations and frustrations.

Gap Analysis

We analyze your current systems, and how they align to your strategy, forecasts, timescales, and budget.


We investigate which solutions (off-the-shelf or bespoke) meet your needs.


We determine the pros and cons of each option, including their risks and impact on profit.


We manage the implementation of the most suitable solution for you.

We are experts in
developing bespoke
workflow solutions.

They are designed for you,
so will do exactly
what you need them to do.

Why partner with us?
We build intuitive systems that your
staff will easily adopt.
We stick to your budget.
We deliver by the deadline.
We test, implement, and support all
software solutions.
We specialize in software solutions for
manufacturing companies and understand their needs.

EnviroSystems have most importantly found working with Progrex a breath of fresh air … always available when required and always willing to meet face to face or discuss potential changes or improvements. Progrex have managed to combine multiple spreadsheets and account software systems all into one piece of bespoke software … reaping the rewards when it comes to invoicing, time and ease of use … EnviroSystems would strongly recommended Progrex to any business looking to streamline processes.  

Mark Blundell
,Logistics & Site Manager

We found working with Progrex to be an easy process in delivering a solution to the recording and monitoring of our manufacturing processes. The team at Progrex were both knowledgeable and helpful in coming up with an electronic solution to our manual recording systems … providing us with more accurate and detailed information along with considerable time saved on what previously would have been a manual operation … Progrex have delivered a solution not just above our expectations but also provided a platform that will develop as our business progresses in the future.

Uzma Patel
,Financial Controller
,Darwen Terracotta & Faience

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