There’s no way you can be a profitable business without using software. Whether for payroll, to process orders, to manage incident report forms, or more. And there are lots of software packages out there, just off the shelf, pay today, install tomorrow.

Then the day after … Shame it doesn’t have that feature … How annoying it doesn’t link in with the other software I use …What’s this feature? Ah, we don’t need it, even though we paid for it.

Here is one client’s story. They are a big manufacturing plant, so health and safety and incident recording are crucial. They used to rely on spreadsheets but is was cumbersome, led to errors, and wasted staff’s time.

Here’s what we did for them:

  • Initial no-obligation meeting where we helped them outline and detail their needs.
  • We generated a project specification document.
    • The project spec was based on the meeting. Everything they needed went in the document. There was nothing in the document that they did not need.
  • The client checked they were happy with the project specification document.
  • We developed the software according to the document.
    • The software included all weird and wonderful features requested by the client, but none they didn’t need.
  • We ran our own testing.
  • We trained the client in using the software.
  • Client ran their own testing.
  • Once they were happy, the software went live, integrated with other systems they used.
  • We continue to support the client with changes they request.
Off-the shelf software Bespoke software
Speed of delivery
Paying only for features you need
Comprising features specific to your business
Integrated with other software
Direct access to the project manager

So how did bespoke incident reporting software solve our client’s problem?

  • Made the process more efficient, saving time and money.
  • The application works as the business does, e.g. the workflow of forms follows business processes.
  • The software integrated well with other software, so they could easily generate the reports they needed. Again, this saved time and money on duplication of work.