One of the main areas in ensuring quality control is making sure that the products, raw materials, and packaging provided by your suppliers are up to standard. Managing this could be quite time-consuming and frustrating. There is a lengthy process involved, including checking the products, containing the affected product, managing refunds, and making sure the supplier has implemented corrective actions.

At Progrex we have successfully implemented supplier non-conformance solutions that have greatly improved this process for manufacturing companies, particularly food manufacturing companies. Such a solution brings benefits at different levels:

  • Makes life easier and less stressful for those involved in the day-to-day inspections and implementation of non-conformances.
  • For middle-management, managing simultaneous non-conformance cases becomes less reliant on paper, spreadsheets, and scattered emails, and thus much more efficient. The application provides visibility, tracking, and clarity.
  • For higher management, reports and KPIs provide an essential tool for looking at the big picture, decision making, implementing improvements, and increasing efficiency and quality.

Some of the main features of a supplier non-conformance solution include the following:

  • A browser-based electronic form (we call it an SNCR form) that captures all details of the non-conformance. This also includes product details, supplier details, action taken, and any photos that can be filed as evidence.
  • A workflow process which includes the various teams in the business, such as the technical team, purchasing, finance, warehouse, and the supplier themselves. You simply submit the form and the solution knows who should do what.
  • Ability to track the supplier response.
  • A correspondence section where all supplier and internal correspondence (emails, letters, faxes) can be filed from your staff inbox into the SNCR form, and shared internally.
  • Reports and KPIs for analysing the data captured, with the ability to measure timings, traits, and costs.
  • Integration with your existing CRM and ERP systems for retrieving supplier and product information.
  • Extend the non-conformance process with the rest of the processes, such as product rejects, red hold process, audits, and food incident reporting.
  • Audit trail throughout the process.
  • Such a solution can be hosted either internally or on the cloud.

It is clear how having all information in one place, with a custom built workflow to assist the process, will greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of dealing with supplier non-conformances. The workflow process can be as flexible or rigid as you need. The information to be captured is totally customisable to the business needs.

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