I remember my last month in high school. We all took a shirt to school, and tried to get as many messages and signatures as possible. From teachers and other students. Actually I still have mine, tucked away in a drawer in the spare room!

In manufacturing collecting signatures is quite a common occurrence, though less exciting than in high school! Think of the new policy you are developing, and you need Jo, Mary, Bob, Russell, and Faith to all tick that they have read it and are happy to approve it … Or, they can also recommend changes to this section or that.

Let’s break this task down:
1. Send policy to Jo, with a polite message.
2. Wait for Jo to get back to you.
3. Remind Jo that she hasn’t got back to you.
4. Wait for Jo to get back to you.
5. Check that you understand the changes she recommended.
6. Start the process all over again with Mary.

All this on top of everything else you need to do … In the grand scheme of things, chasing a few people about a new policy is doable … But, miss something out, and you can be sure that it’s highlighted by the auditors … or a policy outlining an incorrect process leads to time-consuming meetings and costs for the company.

So what can you do?

Make the signature-collecting process more efficient and reliable.

How can you do this?

  • Introduce software that does all the leg-work for you
    • Knows who to send it to.
    • Chases up when there is no response.
    • Reminds you to check you’re happy with their recommended changes
  • Tracks everything. So you know who made which changes men … So if oversights are identified later on, you can quickly go to source to fix things.

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