There is a lot out there about proactive and reactive business strategy. I have no intention of repeating what has already been said about business strategy. Instead, I want to focus on attitude about investing in the right software.

Your attitude towards investing in software dictates how your business will grow.

There are 3 main attitudes.

Attitude 1: We’re doing fine as we are.

And this could be absolutely true. The problem is: Will ‘fine’ ensure that you survive in a competitive market? If your competitors are growing stronger, the ‘fine’ of today might be the ‘struggling’ of next week! With this attitude there is no continuous process improvement.

Attitude 2: We’ll cross that bridge if we come to it.

The idea here is: Why spend loads of money on something now if we can survive without it for another few months?

Which is not a bad attitude, as throwing money around is not the best way to grow a business either! The problem is that you are not keeping an eye on the future. So by the time you realise you need to invest it might be too late. Or, you will want everything done by yesterday … and rushing through an important investment is not a recipe for success, plus results in poor return on investment.

This attitude is a risky one: It is looking ahead and planning for it that prevents or manages risk, and this attitude does not do that.

Attitude 3: We need to solve issues before they become Colossal Problems.

This is what the proactive IT, Operations, or other managers do: They notice a weakness in the process and examine:

  1. The implications of that weakness;
  2. If the implications are serious, how they can fix it.

This is what one of our manufacturing clients did. They were relying on email, documents, and spreadsheets for their new product introduction process. Even when several people were involved in the process. Therefore planning and design took a long time, as there was no collaboration or working in parallel. And if the wrong document was attached (e.g. not the most recent one), the final product was based on flawed information.

So they decided to invest in an efficient and reliable workflow solution. What problem did this solve for them? The previous inefficient and unreliable system could have led to wasting huge sums of money. They were risking falling behind on an important project, and so losing a big client. This would have been a Colossal Problem.

Of course you need to investigate the issue and possible solutions. So you are confident that the solution will actually solve the problem. We have tips about that here.

So which business strategy will you use in your manufacturing business? … It will come as no surprise to you that we advise Attitude 3: Solve the issues before they become Colossal Problems!


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