It is crucial that you have robust and secure control over user access. Here are just a few reasons why:

    • Security: So only specific people/roles can access sensitive information.
    • Audit-trail: So you can easily and reliably demonstrate that you know exactly who has access to what, at any point in time. Auditors and regulatory bodies will ask about this.
    • Efficiency: If person A starts job B within your company, it can take hours to set them up with log-in details, working out what they need to have access to, and allocating them the required equipment (e.g. laptop, phone).

One of our clients, a manufacturing company in a highly regulated industry, recently asked for a solution to improve the reliability and efficiency of their user access.

This is what we did to improve their user access:

The required information (employee details, IT details, and/or HR details) is available at the click of a button whenever someone new starts working for the company, someone leaves, someone moves role (e.g. gets promoted), or someone’s access needs to change (maybe a new policy means that only supervisors should have access to certain data).

The solution asks the designed manager to approve the release of the required information. Once s/he gives approval, the solution reminds IT and/or HR of the actions they need to complete. The solutions sends out reminders until the required actions are actually completed.

User access is based on user roles. Each user has a role and access is linked to that specific role. When a user leaves and another user takes their role, the access is automatically transferred to the new user.

This user access solution has changed our client’s lives in the following ways:

  • When auditors come in, there is much less hassle and pain to demonstrate that the audit rules are being followed. The system produces audit logs and reports for this.
  • There is segregation of duties, thanks to system rules that can be configured. So you can’t have the same person raising a request and needing to approve it.
  • Communication between staff, HR, and IT teams is greatly improved.
  • Managing access is simplified thanks to role based access.

The beauty of such a bespoke software solution … if software can ever be called beautiful! …  is that the solution is built for the client. This means that:

  • It will do exactly what the client wants it to do, however weird and wonderful that is.
  • We will embed it into existing solutions, to make sure that access of information is seamless.
  • Should the client’s needs change, we can add functionalities to the solution can grow and adapt with the business.

At Progrex IT Solutions we have vast experience in bespoke software for manufacturing companies. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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