We have just reduced the time taken to process complex customer claims from 20 minutes per claim, to 5 minutes … That’s a lot of freed up time for workers to spend more effectively!

For any manufacturing company, managing customer claims for refund can be a headache. You want to do an efficient job to ensure the customer is gets a quick and accurate response. At the same time, you want to ensure your process is reliable, to avoid costly errors.

How were they doing things?

As with many manufacturing companies, especially those who have experienced rapid growth, they were relying on spreadsheets and emails. This is fine when you are only managing a few refund requests a week. But what if you have several coming in per day?

What did we do for them?

We met with the stakeholders, including management and people who actually process the claims, to understand the various steps in the process. Together we discussed the claim process and designed a software solution around this process.

What are the main features?

  • The solution drives the process. As soon as one person completes their task, the next person is automatically alerted. No emails need to be sent.
  • Delegation functionality allows the process to continue even when a key role is out of office.
  • The solution ‘knows’ when a second level of approval is needed. This depends on the value of the claim, as set by the client.
  • Our solution links to the ERP, so invoice information is searched and retrieved, and a credit note is automatically raised. No doubling of data inputting is needed.
  • The dashboard and reporting options allow users to glean useful information, e.g. which customers have most claims, pie charts depicting proportion of claims that are outstanding.
  • Our solution ensures an easy claim investigation and approval process, and excellent auditor-friendly information.

This solution has changed our client’s lives in the following ways:

  • Processing of claims is more efficient, with one user saying it is taking 5 minutes instead of the usual 20 minutes!
  • The process is more reliable. Users are not relying on numerous spreadsheets and manual keying in of information, which make the process prone to human error.
  • The reporting options allow problematic clients or products to be identified, and the client can then decide how to address these issues.

Because the solution is bespoke, and was built for this particular client, it means that:

  • The client can claim R&D Tax Credits. This is because the solution is developed from scratch, rather than being an off-the-shelf product.
  • We linked the solution to the client’s ERP, avoiding the need to duplicate data.
  • Should the client’s needs change, we can add functionalities to the solution, so it grows with the business.

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