Workflows are processes that involve more than one team in the business. It can be challenging to manage workflows when all employees work on the same site. Managing them becomes even harder if you trade internationally, whether you import or export.

Here are some common hurdles if you trade internationally:

  • Different time-zones.
  • Different currencies.
  • Different working practices.
  • Different languages.

How can workflow solutions help you address these issues?

Workflow solutions emulate your process, so that all information is stored in one location. The solution ‘knows’ how the process flows. Therefore, as soon as the first person completes their part of the process, the solution alerts the second person to complete their part. Essentially, the solution drives the process.

Workflow solutions help businesses that trade internationally in  these ways:

  1. Because all information is stored in the same location, there is no need to email someone in a different time-zone to check a specific point. This would be frustrating if they are hours ahead of you, and have already left the office. Instead, you can easily access that detail, as it is stored within the solution.
  • If the solution is bespoke and is designed for your business, it prompts users to enter required details. This avoids the possibility that important information is not available to users.
  1. The solution can be linked to currency-converter programmes, so that, say, if you enter figures in GBP, you can immediately see how those figures convert to EUR, USD, or any other currencies of choice.
  • Crucially, if you want to access reports from last month, the solutions will present the figures according to the exchange rate of that particular date. This ensures accuracy.
  1. If you commission a bespoke workflow solution you can ensure that it drives best practice, while allowing for specific requirements in different sites. For example, if one country needs managers’ comments to appear on certain documents, that requirement can be configured to pop up only for users in that particular country.
  1. You could preconfigure your workflow solution using dropdown menus and radio buttons, limiting free text as much as possible. Then developers can make sure these menus appear in English in the UK, in German in Germany, and in Arabic in UAE. This increases reliability of communication.


How is this relevant to Progrex?

We have helped many customers who import or export, to make sure they remain equally effective in the international arm of their business. We find that bespoke solutions help manufacturers ensure that software factors in their individual needs. See here how bespoke solutions work.

At Progrex IT Solutions we have vast experience in bespoke workflow solutions for manufacturing companies. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.