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Quality management manufacturing

We have over 20 years’ experience developing bespoke software. Our clients range from small business to large multinationals. Our team has experience in a range of software technologies, and we make sure that our products are easy to use and intuitive.

We specialise in manufacturing companies. Along the years we have developed a solid understanding of their processes, such as quality management, health and safety needs, and supplier management. We speak your language!

How we work

We meet you, as the client, to fully understand the brief. We will ask many questions, to make sure we deliver the solution that will increase your efficiency and profitability. Once we design the project specification, we meet you again to double-check that this is what you need, and that it covers all your requirements.

One of our talented software developers designs your solution. This is a system that meets your needs, and is also intuitive to use.
When this is ready, we test it, to ensure you have a fully working system.

We train your team to use the system, and we work with you to test it. We are on hand when the system goes live, and will quickly fix any unpredicted issues.

We do not just leave you fend on your own, but we are on call to deal with support issues that come up.

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