How to process customer claims in a quarter of the time

We have just reduced the time taken to process complex customer claims from 20 minutes per claim, to 5 minutes … That’s a lot of freed up time for workers to spend more effectively! For any manufacturing company, managing customer claims for refund can be a headache. You want to do an efficient job to [...]


One way to manage user access in your company

It is crucial that you have robust and secure control over user access. Here are just a few reasons why: Security: So only specific people/roles can access sensitive information. Audit-trail: So you can easily and reliably demonstrate that you know exactly who has access to what, at any point in time. Auditors and regulatory bodies [...]


What kind of manufacturing company do you want to be?

There is a lot out there about proactive and reactive business strategy. I have no intention of repeating what has already been said about business strategy. Instead, I want to focus on attitude about investing in the right software. Your attitude towards investing in software dictates how your business will grow. There are 3 main [...]


2 Ways manufacturing can prevent profit squeezes

The Lancashire Quarterly Economic Survey was recently published. It shows that manufacturing in Lancashire continued to strengthen. Lancashire manufacturers invested more in training than in the previous quarter. They reported being more confident about their profitability. But what can manufacturing do to prevent profit squeezes? The good news This is despite pressures from increased costs of [...]


How to make a case for new IT projects

It can be frustrating to realise that a new IT project can solve a serious problem and increase your company’s efficiency and profitability, then have funding refused. Surely they can see that, yes we’re spending money now, but we will be getting an excellent return? What’s obvious to the IT manager is not always obvious [...]


How to encourage safety without discouraging reporting

Serious businesses will want to improve workplace health and safety. I mean actually improve H&S, and not just have figures that indicate good H&S. In this short article I explore: Why over-relying on incentives can be a bad thing. How one software feature can address this problem. WHY OVER-RELYING ON INCENTIVES CAN BE A BAD [...]

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