Through our software solutions, we reduce human error and increase efficiency, so we increase productivity.

Our solutions talk to software you already have. This makes them ideal if your needs change, and you need additional software support.

How do we help?

  • We develop a solution to your problem. We do this by understanding what your problem is. We discuss the requirements with you and run a detailed project spec past you and your team. In this way all stakeholders can check that the proposed solution does solve the problem.
  • We make sure that the solution is user-friendly. This means that staff are not wasting time looking for specific details, or making mistakes because the software is not intuitive.
  • We train users.  So the embedding time is shortened.
  • We test the software with you. We are at hand when we go live, and our developers will quickly resolve any issues.

Some problems we have solved

  • For customised products, the time between sales enquiry and factory confirmation that order can be met was too long. So customers went with the competition instead. Also communication errors meant that sometimes the wrong product was actually produced.
    • Our sales enquiry solution enabled sales and factory to collaborate on orders, meaning customers received a quick response and the right product. This strengthened repeat custom and reduced factory wastage of time and resources.
  • Evidencing compliance with GDPR legislation was paramount, as otherwise the company could face substantial fines.
    • Our GDPR solution made it easier for the client to enforce data security, and evidence that they had the right policies, that data security was being regularly reviewed, and that the company was fully compliant with GDPR legislation.
  • Unreliable communication when there were production problems meant that poor-quality products got sent out to clients. This incurred refund costs. It also increased pressure on the production team.
    • Our quality management solution ensured that the right people were quickly and reliably informed of any product-related incidents. This sped up the investigation process. So there was less downtime, and costs were kept to a minimum.

What can we do for you?

Tell us what your workflow or efficiency problem is, and we will work with you  to secure the solution that will solve your problem.

Get in touch on 01772 875513 or online.