Software Solutions for Manufacturing
What one client said – Health, Safety, & Environment Manager
“We have been using Progrex for food manufacturing software solutions for the past 8 years. We have commissioned different products, including H&S and Food Safety management, and various other solutions related to quality management and workflow processes. We are very happy with the timeliness of delivery and the quality of the work. Deadlines are agreed beforehand, and on the odd occasion that a project was running behind schedule, we were kept updated with the progress. I am particularly satisfied with how Progrex deal with our requests and feedback. It is also great to discuss the project requirements as they will be able to provide solutions that are simple and effective.”

At Progrex we know that good software development is not just about error-free applications. The following are some of the main characteristics of our software solutions for manufacturing companies:


As with most industries, security in manufacturing software solutions is key. Security is managed using groups or roles which provide different access levels to your information.

Web Based

Applications can be accessed from the internet browser or mobile devices. No other software needs to be installed on PCs. Users get a familiar look-and-feel and user experience. Systems can be accessed from anywhere in the world as long as there is a PC (or possibly a mobile phone) and internet connection. Alternatively, just restrict access to internal company network.


Manufacturing solutions require constant change. Start with a basic and affordable application. When the business grows, allow the application to grow with it and add functionality for the new business processes.


Systems are designed for your business. No need to fit your business with the application. Rather, the application is designed to fit and boost your manufacturing business processes.


Our applications are based on established and robust technologies, such as IBM, Microsoft, and Java.


Systems can connect to your existing data, such as your ERP system. No need to duplicate data or start from scratch again.


Some of our established customers include Renold PlcAB World Foods, GCE, and Bruntwood.

What another client said – Systems Architect
“We’ve used Progrex for a lot of projects over the last 10 years – we’ve kept on re-using them as we’ve been very pleased with the quality of their work and support for finished products. Ed [technical manager] has always been friendly and professional and has delivered every piece of work on time and within budget, and as well as delivering our requirements he’s often helped us to define them or suggest better alternatives.”

Some of our clients