Quality Management software for Manufacturing



Our client was a food manufacturing company, where quality is absolutely essential. Incidents can be very costly in terms of stopping the production process to investigate and product recalls.


  • Reliable quality management software.
  • Specific individuals would receive timely updates of quality incidents.
  • Complex reports could be generated.


Previous state of affairs

The client had been relying on paper-based systems and spreadsheets. Thus there was poor communication between teams, meaning a slower investigation. Hence production was halted for longer, which was costly.


  • Poor quality stock is spotted much earlier, therefore significantly reducing delays in production.
  • The right people are quickly and reliably informed of the incident, speeding up the investigation process, meaning less downtime and lower costs.
  • Audit trail is automatically updated, so bottlenecks in the process can be easily identified. Thus they can be addressed, increasing efficiency.
  • Cost-effective software, in that client only pays for what they need, since this is a tailor-made solution.


How we achieved this

The solution provided by Progrex has 4 main features:

  • Food incidents reporting
  • Red-Hold/quarantine management
  • Product reject management
  • Supplier non-conformance management


The above four processes are linked together as follows:

  1. A food incident form is raised. This will include all necessary details about the incident, and can also include photos and attachments. Notifications are sent out to specific roles and teams to make them aware of the incident. This form will also be used for capturing corrective actions and for stating preventive actions.
  2. If the product needs to be quarantined, a Red-Hold form request is raised. This is used for managing the physical move of the stock, for carrying out a technical investigation, and for further action to be recorded and taken depending on the outcome of the investigation.
  3. If the stock needs to be disposed of, a product reject request is raised. This helps capturing costs involved, handles notifications and approvals, and manages the process of disposing the product.
  4. If the incident is related to a supplier, a supplier non-conformance request is raised. This helps in the process of communicating with the supplier what went wrong, including related costs and preventive actions that the supplier must take.


Such processes involve various teams and business functions such as the technical team, warehouse, procurement, finance, and credit control. Progrex created a quality management solution that greatly improves the communication and processes between these teams. This is achieved through the following features:

  • Efficiency is key for preventing delays in production and for poor quality stock to be spotted as early as possible. The software solution provides with the ability to report an incident efficiently, and to send notifications to specific roles for actions to be taken as soon as possible.
  • Electronic forms get rid of paper-based forms and spreadsheets, which help keep everything central and organised. Information is shared between teams, while keeping it controlled so that each role can only see information that is relevant to them.
  • Every organisation has its own processes and structure. The application is tailored around the specific organisation so that everything works as smooth as possible.
  • The whole process is captured in an audit trail, which can be used for management reports, process improvement, and various other uses. It also captures the time when key actions were taken, so that bottlenecks can be spotted and acted on.
  • The software can be linked to existing CRMs and ERPs, crucial for things to work as smooth and efficient as possible within the organisation